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Established in 1987, BrandCo is a leading importer and manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry. We have a long history in representing a considerable and curated selection of brand name jewelry from independent jewelry designers and manufacturers based both in Greece and abroad and an expertise in designing and manufacturing wedding rings.

We showcase state-of-the-art jewelry and wedding rings in magnificent designs, which are in line with the mainstream pulse as well as the sophisticated needs of our customers. Our success is based on a combination of innovation and quality.

Building long-term relationships with the brands we feature allows us to offer a valuable collection to our customers.

We pride ourselves on having a broad selection and an excellent customer service and support team. Our experienced partners will guide you through the process of selecting the pieces that are right for you.

At BrandCo, we believe that every customer is unique and every moment is precious!

Quality & Variety by BrandCo


In our collections, you’ll find a wide variety of designs to choose from while you can make the necessary changes in the dimensions (provided that the manufacture of the particular design allows such changes).


Our wedding rings can be manufactured and produced in one-tone, two-tone and even three-tone models. You should, however, be aware that our two-tone and three-tone wedding rings are not the result of painted toppings but of excellent bonding of different colour metals: yellow, white, pink, black and orange gold.


There are 5 different types of matte or polished finishes for your wedding rings. You can, also, request a combination of different finishes. The choice is yours.


If you wish, we can place small precious stones on your wedding rings. This style arrives with a certificate of authenticity which can be used for insurance purposes. In our collections, you’ll find female codes of each design with its diamond so you can make sure that it will be flattering on your hand.


All our wedding rings are manufactured in our well-established and experienced production facility. Before delivery, the wedding rings go through six stages of control so as to ensure that the final product is worthy of your expectations. Wedding rings are made upon request and delivered in 5-6 business days.


In order to properly measure your size and avoid any unnecessary errors, the assistance of our specialised partner is required.


Our wedding rings arrive with a lifetime warranty and diamond authenticity (in case you choose a brilliant code) and are delivered in their special packaging with the logos of our company. Their warranty includes the maintenance of their sparkling look and colour. Also, we offer an exclusive after-sales service for all our wedding rings and products.


The quality of our jewelery lies in the combination of two factors that rank us among the highest positions in today’s competitive jewelery market: the complete absence of nickel which renders our products completely anti-allergic and the increased palladium content that ensures colour longevity.